Dodge Caravan Stolen in Sterling

Posted: August 2, 2013 at 3:35 pm

A theft in Sterling this morning has left a local family without their primary vehicle. Dillon Kimple said his wife, Krista, was leaving for work when they noticed their 2002 Dodge Caravan was missing…


Kimple: “We park it in the same spot every night, and it just was gone. So she came in and asked me if I had moved it, which I hadn’t. So, that’s when our panic started.”


Kimple said the green van was the only vehicle the family had which could fit their three school-aged children. He’s unsure how they’ll get to school in the coming weeks.


Along with many personal effects, Kimple said props for the Miss Sterling pageant were also in the van. He’s hoping its unique appearance will help them recover it…


Kimple: “It’s got some blue painters tape on the windows on both sides. It’s got a little bit of front-end damage and there’s some duct tape on the passenger’s side door.”

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One Comment to “Dodge Caravan Stolen in Sterling”

  • Mary says:

    Could more details of the car be printed so we can all keep an eye out for it, a picture would be even better if you have one. It angers me that a family has to suffer because of a thief.