Documentary on Alaska Militiamen in the Works

It’s been close to a year since Fairbanks resident Schaeffer Cox was sentenced to almost 26 years in prison for conspiracy and weapons charges. Now, a Los Angeles filmmaker is putting together a documentary about the trial.


Maria Rensel, who is connected to the Cox family, said Producer Joshua Ligairi has decided to pursue the documentary on his own…


Rensel: “It’s actually a reality show contest for the next great documentarian. Well, one of the documentarians that went from the beginning all the way to the top three had a proposed documentary to talk about the Alaska militiamen and the possible injustice here. And the person who’s making this documentary didn’t win the reality show, but I have been in touch with him, and he will be making the movie anyway.”


The reality show was a collaboration between Glenn Beck’s TV network and producers, including Vince Vaughn, called “Pursuit of Truth.” To view the trailer, click here.

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