Dixson Outlines Soldotna Capital Project Timeframe

As we reported, the Soldotna City Council is working with new Soldotna City Manager Mark Dixson on a number of capital project plans. We asked Dixson, what next step is..



Dixson: “Getting the ball rolling, as far as the Sports Center is developing an RFP to develop a master plan, in regard to the conference center, I’m going to be sitting down with the chamber and mapping out a plan of how we’re going to proceed in the future.  With regard to the roads projects, at the next council meeting, we’ll be putting forth a resolution with regard to our special assessment districts, and including the ability of the city to approve roads without the necessity of an SAD, also during the next meeting, there’s going to be several resolutions and ordinnaces dealing with the reappropriation of funds.


The next meeting of the Soldotna City Council is this Wednesady, at 6:30pm

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