Dividend Day: Use Online Tools, Watch For Scams

For the 507,000 Alaskan who signed up to receive their Permanent Fund Dividends by direct deposit, today is dividend day. The remaining 86,000 will receive their $900 checks by mail in the coming days.


If you’re wondering where your dividend is, PFD Director Dan DeBartolo had this recommendation…


DeBartolo: “We encourage people to check online at pfd.alaska.gov for information about their dividends, as phone lines are quite busy this time of year.”


The Better Business Bureau says this is also a popular time of year for scammers, so be sure to do your research. The BBB’s Adam Harkness…


Harkness: “Again the point is you just want to make sure you’re researching. You want to look for key words like zero risk, guaranteed investments opportunities. There’s no such thing as a zero risk investment opportunity. That’s not the way it works, that’s not an investment. So you want to look for substantiated claims, estimated returns, that kind of information that legitimate companies will be able to provide you with.”


If you have any questions, Harkness said the Anchorage office is always available by phone on 907-562-0704. For general information, you can also email info@thebbb.org or to lodge a complaint, email complaints@thebbb.org.

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