Discussing SB21 Repeal Referendum

After taking the maximum allowed time by law to make a repeal referendum for SB21, the Governor’s oil tax overhaul, the petitions are beginning to hit the streets. We spoke to Rep. Seaton (R-Homer).


Rep. Seaton R-Homer): “Well of course the referendum is just saying that the bill that was passed, isn’t the right bill. It just says without some sort of performance criteria the amount of money that is left transferred from the state to the companies, whether that’s the correct mix or not, and its a question that the public will have to answer, how they feel about that.”


We asked Rep. Seaton (R-Homer) if he had a position on repealing.


Rep. Seaton (R-Homer): “I think there should be performance standards on everything we do, without a performance standard I think its very problematic. In the first vote I voted against the bill because I didn’t think it, without performance standards, was there. In the end I went ahead and voted for it, I voted for it because I thought that as we see problems those people that are in favor and then they see problems, have a better chance of getting changes made. I do think its problematic not having any performance standards at all, we’ll see what the public things and go from there, its a public decision as to whether SB21 was adequate or not.”

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