Disaster Center Works to Define Flood Damage

It’s been a slow start for the Disaster Assistance Center opened in Soldotna this week, as State assessors hope to help victims of October flooding.


Although there were around 120 damage reports filed with the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Jeremy Zidek with the State said they’ve only had a handful of residents stop by the center. He said some residents may be unsure if they’re eligible for assistance, but urged everyone to apply…


Zidek: “We know that the water level was very high before the flood, but what we’ve heard is there was a few inches in basements, and then when the heavy rains came on the 27th and 28th [of October] that became a few feet in basements, crawl spaces. It is going to be difficult, but we have a team of trained verifiers that have done this work before. What we ask is that people just apply for individual assistance, work with our verifiers. We want to make sure that anyone that had damages in that time period can receive all of the assistance that they’re eligible for.”


Anna Boze lived on K-Beach during the flooding. We spoke with her early in November about the night they evacuated…


Boze: “The night before, our neighbor across the street was starting to flood. We had no damage or rain or water at that point. Went to bed. Woke up in the morning and there was 3 1/2 inches and it just kept coming and coming and by the time it got up to right under the light outlets, the power outlets, my husband said, ‘We need to leave.’ And we did. When we came back in the morning, it was at 2 ft and we were told we couldn’t pump yet. Came back the next morning and it was at 4 ft.”


For more on how to apply, click here. Zidek said individual assistance up to $16,200 is available.

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