Disappearing Kings? Olson Says Oceans Are A Problem

The latest ADF&G numbers put the King Salmon escapement at just under 11,000. Rep. Kurt Olson said he’s been keeping an eye on the counts, and has been concerned by information showing…

Rep. Seaton(R-Soldotna): “There’s been significant impact on the Chinook run as a result of the trollers in the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. I’ve always felt that they had an impact, but when we finally started getting the bycatch numbers on Chinooks from  this area, found out the troll fleet is taking as many Kings as the commercial, sportfish and subsistence users in Cook Inlet, we have a real problem that we have no control over, because it’s in federal waters.”

Rep. Olson said he’ll be staying in communication with the Commissioner of Fish and Game and the Governor, but…


Rep. Olson(R-Soldotna): “There is no easy answer to this, and I wish I had a magic wand.”

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