Dip Netters Could Be Required to Grind Waste

]How would you feel about grinding your fish waste into fine chunks before letting it wash out to sea? A proposal heading to the Board of Fish meetings later this month would require dip net waste be ground to ¾ of an inch or less before it could be dispersed into the ocean.

The City of Kenai is opposing the proposal, with concerns that they could held responsible for the waste, and fined when dip netters don’t comply.


Kenai City Council Student Representative Courtney Stroh is well known for keeping Kenai beaches clean…


Stroh: “If they could find a way, I think it could help, just because it would be so much smaller, a lot harder to wash back up onto the beach, but I think that before we could do that, we’d need to find a way to make it really work.”

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