Dip Net Violations Difficult to Prosecute

Kenai City Manager Rick Koch is spending a lot of time on the Personal Use Fishery, as the Governor yesterday approved $150,000 for the fishery’s capital improvements.


Koch said additional enforcement officers will be stationed along the beach this year, but violations are difficult to prosecute, since the crime needs to be witnessed, and can’t easily be detected afterwards…


Koch: “It’s difficult only from the standpoint of you really can’t put enough people down there to enforce that kind of a thing consistently, so the other option is put more dumpsters out, appeal to folks to use those dumpsters and some increased enforcement, with these other enforcement officers, they’ll be looking at that, too.”


Koch reiterated that the City of Kenai doesn’t oversee enforcement for the fishery, but has made multiple requests to the state departments to step up its efforts. The City does hire seasonal workers, eight are expected this year, to cite parking violations and other incidental issues like littering.

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