DHSS Releases Healthcare Gap Report

This week the Department of Health and Social Services released a gap analysis report delving into Alaskans’ access to healthcare.


Deputy Director of Health Care Policy Josh Applebee described what the report aimed to do.



Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner William Streur outlined the findings of the report.



Streur also told us what the findings in that report will lead to.


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  1. john 13 June, 2014, 23:29

    Parnell denied Alaskans healthcare when he refused to expand Medicaid.

    Alaskans are denied adequate care because Parnell is ideologically idiotic.

    Parnell should be voted out of office, he’s nothing but a corporate shill and he doesn’t serve the needs of Alaska citizens. Parnell will give 20 billion dollars to the oil corporation who control him, but he wont’ work for Alaska residents.

    Boot him out. He’s not fit to govern. He never was.

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