Derby Winner Third Biggest in 58 Years









This year’s Seward Silver Salmon Derby winner was almost a record-breaker, but not quite. Taro Rich of Anchorage won the $10,000 prize with a 21lb 4 oz silver.



Erin Lemas with the Seward Chamber of Commerce said 2013 was an impressive year…


Lemas: “I think our top heaviest fish over all for the derby, in all of the years, was 22lbs. So this 21lb fish I think is the third heaviest fish to ever be brought in for the derby.”


Along with the big fish were big crows, Lemas said they usually see an average of 6,000 anglers, but this year it was up to 7,000. She said a sense of community is building.


Lemas: “We do have a lot of returning anglers, so you get to see the same people every year and so then it’s camaraderie almost. They’re like, ‘Hey Erin! How’s it going?’ ‘Hey Richard, how’s fishing this year?’ The guy who won last year, Earl Cagle, specifically came down Saturday morning to say hi to everybody. He won last year, it’s really positive.”


She said the sunny weather helped build the numbers, too.

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