Dept of Law Considering Set Net Ban

The State Department of Law is still in the process of reviewing a recent ballot initiative to ban set netting in Alaska’s five major urban areas. We spoke to Cori Mills in the Attorney General’s office…


Mills: “For every ballot initiative, I believe this is one that recently came in, we go through a process of looking at it for whether it can be certified, and that process includes creating a formal AG opinion and when that AG opinion comes out is when it would be disclosed as to whether we believe it can be certified as a ballot initiative. So, at the moment, our attorney who represents Division of Elections and does those opinions is out of the office, but she’ll be back next week and I’m sure start looking at it. Beyond that, I don’t have any information at this time.”


After legal approval, the initiative will go to the Lt. Governor for certification. After that, sponsors would start collecting signatures.

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