Departments Say There’s No Charge For Fire Calls

Christmas is one of the top five busiest times of the year for emergency response personnel; however, Nikiski Fire Department has been enjoying a quieter season this year.


We spoke to NFS Engineer Jeff Smardo..


Smardo: “You know, no major incidents or catastrophes or disasters or anything like that. Things have lightened up and it’s been a pretty nice couple weeks, because we’ve actually had a pretty busy year.”


Smardo said that while they’ve enjoyed the rest, residents should never hesitate to call in a fire.


Smardo: “That’s what we’re here for, and we don’t charge people for us to come and respond to things that people just aren’t sure about, cause those are the ones that can get out of hand – are the things that people just aren’t really sure, but definitely call us. Call 9-1-1, and that’s what we’re here for.”


Smardo confirmed there is no charge for fire calls, or for residents to stop by the station and receive medical treatment. The only time there’s a charge is when the situation is so serious that a patient needs to be transported to hospital.

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