Department Schedules Unusual Fish Period During Court Hearing

Commercial fishermen face mandatory closures every Tuesday and Friday, according to the Board of Fish management plan. When last Tuesdays’ return broke all previous records for daily escapement, the ADF&G reminded set netters that Tuesdays are non-negotiable.  But the Department announced late yesterday that this week, set netters will be shifted from the usual Monday opening to a Tuesday. We asked Commercial Fisheries Director Jeff Regnart why they were changed…


Regnart: “It just appeared to be real slow on Sunday and likely to continue to be slow on Monday, so we thought to take the most advantage of a potential, a better sockeye fishery if you will, was to delay that from Monday to Tuesday, the regularly scheduled period.”


Given that tomorrow’s unusual opening will now coincide with the first hearing in the Fisherman’s Fund lawsuit against the Department, we tried to ask Regnart…


Quinn: “There’s a hearing in Anchorage tomorrow for that-

Regnart: “Yeah, I won’t touch that one.

Quinn: “Ok. Was that a factor in- 

Regnart: “I, I can’t. It’s just we’re in litigation, so I can’t talk to it.”

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