Dena’ina Health Clinic Closed Today Due To Fumes

Dena’ina Health Clinic on Frontage Road will be closed for the remainder of today due to a fume issue in their ventilation systems.


Jaylene Peterson-Nyren, Executive Director with the Dena’ina Health Clinic explains.


Pererson: “The Keniatze Indian Tribe Dena’ina wellness center clinic is going to be closed for the rest of the afternoon due to fumes that have come in to our ventilation system from some tarring work that is being done on the roof of the building”.


Peterson said they will be getting everyone’s appointments rescheduled as soon as possible.


Peterson: “We’re reopening tomorrow at 8 am and we’re working to reschedule all of those individuals who have lost their appointments as a result of the fumes today.

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