Democrats Watching Municipal Elections, Calling Non-Voters

As of 7am, the polls are open on the Kenai Peninsula. Doors will remain open through 8pm. Click here to find the full list of polling sites.


There’ll be a new feature at this year’s municipal elections, Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh explains…


Modigh: “The Democratic Party has requested to have poll watchers at this election.”


Modigh said the poll watchers will be observing how the elections are conducted, to ensure transparency, but they are not allowed to influence the process…


Modigh: “A poll watcher is when one of the parties has decided that they want someone to watch the election, and they’re actually allowed to be int he roomt he whole time and watch the process, just to make sure. They have to be badged, the election supervisor has to be aware of them, they can’t have any hands-on dealings with the election, but they can ask questions of the election official, so they can’t interfere with the election, but they can watch the election.”


We asked the Alaska Democratic Party’s Zack Fields why they’re getting involved with a non-partisan election. He responded by email…


“We’re working with local Democrats to try to boost local election turnout.  As you know, local elections often have low turnout so we’re trying to boost participation.”


Fields explained that poll watchers “will see who doesn’t vote and call to remind them to vote.


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