Democrats Move For Medicaid Expansion

State Democrats are pushing for an expansion of Medicaid in Alaska, despite the Governor’s decision last November…


Gov. Parnell: “Each time one interdependent piece of Obamacare did not work, the President went about changing the law unilaterally… the President promised lower premiums, premiums are now more costly… that fragile fiscal framework that Obamacare relies on is cracking… I believe a costly Medicaid expansion, especially on top of the broken Obamacare system, is a hot mess.”


Gov. Parnell said he was concerned that the federal government wouldn’t fulfill its promise to fully fund Medicaid through the first three years and continue to cover the bulk of the cost indefinitely.


Rep. Andy Josephson says the proposal would require the state to participate, unless federal funding falls below 90 percent. He said House and Senate Democrats hope the legislation will force a discussion on Medicaid and healthcare.

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