Delays Have Got To Stop: Industry Alliance

The recent departure of Anglo American from the Pebble Partnership is just one example of a national issue for resource developers, according to Rebecca Logan, the General Manager for the¬†Alaska Support Industry Alliance…


Logan: “That has to do with the permitting process and significant delays in getting from exploration to production. And so the example of Anglo leaving Alaska was just a good example of how that’s impacting the mining industry, not just in Alaska, but in America.”


Logan said she remains positive about the future of mining in Alaska, but there has to be balance…


Logan: “I think that there has to be a happy medium, compromise from both sides, those who are opposing all mines, all resource development moving forward, and those who are trying to move resource development projects forward to get to a reasonable amount of time where things are in the public comment phase, prior to permitting, so that companies who invest billions of dollars can’t be delayed indefinitely. There has to be an end in sight.”


Logan said that also applies on the other side, where the Department of Natural Resources was recently ordered to move on a water rights petition submitted by the Chuitna Citizens Coalition after a lengthy delay.

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