Decorative Contact Lenses Banned for Halloween

If you were thinking of snake eyes for Halloween, the Better Business Bureau says: think again.


Adam Harkness with the BBB says most of those lenses are illegal…


Harkness: “According to a recent Food and Drug Administration consumer update, they clearly define contact lenses as medical devices, and all medical devices require a prescription. So, to purchase one of these items without a prescription would be against the law.”


The FDA maintains that lenses, if used incorrectly, could cause eye damage.


We asked Harkness what might happen if an officer of the law catches a cat-eyed trick or treater…


Harkness: “There are ways of obtaining decorative lenses through legitimate sources like ophthalmologists and optometrists, so again, the real issue here is obtaining these through the proper channels, to make sure that eyesight is not compromised.”

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