Decision 2013: Soldotna Summary

With Election Day set for tomorrow, the KSRM News Department will wrap up the Borough-wide issues this afternoon.


At 4pm, we took a look at Propositions on the Borough ballot, and the candidates standing for the Nikiski Assembly seat, and at 5pm we reviewed decisions facing Kenai residents.


Complete broadcasts will air on KSRM 920AM, and details will be posted here at


Soldotna residents will see the longest ballot, with three City Council seats and one Borough Assembly Member up for election.


Since Assembly members are also currently involved in a question about repealing term limits, we asked both incumbent Assembly President Linda Murphy and challenger Dale Bagley where they stand…


Murphy: “I intend to vote to do away with term limits, not that it will affect me because I have no intention on running after this next term. I’ve said this over and over but I’m 65 years old, I don’t want to be sitting on the assembly when I’m 70 so when this term is up I will be 68 and it will be time for someone younger to step in and fill the void I think. If we have to have term limits I would be comfortable with three but personally I think term limits are best decided at the ballot box, if not for term limits I think that Pete Sprague would still be sitting in my seat and I would have supported him, I only ran because he was termed out”.



Bagley: “I do support term limits, I’ll vote for the two terms vs the three terms, I believe that new people in is a good thing I just like term limits and I don’t like seeing someone stay on for long periods of time, having said that I do get tired of voters doing this and then the assembly getting rid of it. I appreciate the fact that it is going to the voters again but how often are we going to keep asking the voters until we get the answer that assembly members want to hear.”


And on the City Council front, Regina Daniels is standing unopposed for Seat D. Both other seats have no incumbent.


Paul Whitney and Keith Baxter are running for Seat E. They’ve expressed similar points of view, so we asked both men how they differ…


Whitney: “I think we both have the same interest in heart, and that’s doing what’s best for the city of Soldotna…”

Baxter: “And I haven’t found any real marked distinction in perspective.”


However, Baxter did note a slight difference in priorities…


Baxter: “He does have a little bit more interest in the planning and zoning aspect of things, serving on that commission currently, and I think I’m a little bit more focused on the capital projects that might be coming down the pike and issues of that nature.”


And for Seat B, Dave Carey is running against Meggean Bos…


Bos: “There’s some people that kind of have a proposal of possibly eliminating all property tax from the city of Soldotna. I don’t think that we can afford to eliminate all property taxes. I think that we do need to have some property taxes and keep our property taxes low, versus eliminating them and not being able to afford services.”


Carey said property taxes aren’t his primary concern, since they contribute very little to the city’s budget; however, he said they’d be on the table, along with a reduction in grocery and gasoline taxes…


Carey: “I believe the $20 million surplus, if you can imagine, there’s actually been discussion at the City Council, of using part of the surplus in the stock market. That more money could be earned by investing the surplus in the stock market than the low interest rates that are now available by banks. That is absurd. When government has too much money, they find ways, in my opinion, to waste it. They take risks that they would never take with their own money.”

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