Decision 2013: Kenai Summary

With Election Day set for tomorrow, the KSRM News Department will wrap up the Borough-wide issues this afternoon.


At 4pm, we took a look at Propositions on the Borough ballot, and the candidates standing for the Nikiski Assembly seat, and at 6pm we’ll cover Soldotna.


Complete broadcasts will air on KSRM 920AM, and details will be posted here at


In one of the more heated races on the October 1 ballot, Kenai Mayor Pat Porter is facing challenger Bob Molloy for the City’s top job.


Both candidates were asked if the Mayor should “micromanage” the city…


Cm. Molloy: “As Mayor, I would be less involved in daily operations. An example is, I wouldn’t be looking at people’s properties or business properties and calling complaints to code enforcement. I don’t think code enforcement is a role of the Mayor. I do think the Mayor has a job, related to the budget, evaluating the condition of buildings, roofs, things of that nature.”


Mayor Porter said she feels city management isn’t the Mayor’s job and should be left to the City Manager…


Mayor Porter: “Occasionally, all of the council people receive phone calls or talk to individuals in the community where they’re concerned about certain issues that might be happening at the Rec Center, or might be happening at the library, different programs that the city operates. And at that point, sometimes city council persons, whether it’s the Mayor or other council members, they usually go and investigate the situation, and I think that would be responsible on their part.”


Two council seats will also appear on the ballot. Incumbents Terry Bookey and Brian Gabriel are facing newcomer Mark Schrag.


The trio found agreement on most issues during KSRM’s candidate forum last week, but there was some separation when it comes to the City’s comprehensive plan and the dip net fishery.


Schrag on the comp plan…


Schrag: “The City Manager – on record – mentioned that it’s never been done like this before, and in essence, it was kind of done for the ease of administration for the people that have to implement the plan, and I’m saying, ‘No! This is supposed to be a vision that the public has.'”


Gabriel and Bookey both said they felt like the comp plan and its development were appropriate. However, they did have comments on the dip net fishery.


Brian Gabriel Sr…


Cm. Gabriel Sr.: “If I had to change the fishery, to answer Jake’s question, what would I do differently? I would like to see more enforcement and probably bag limits tied to allocation tiers.”


Terry Bookey…


Cm. Bookey: “We’ve not been the best on reacting in the past, but this last year, through a lot of input through the residents coming through work sessions, big big improvements just right there. And so what that does, is now we don’t have nearly as much waste on the ground, and beaches were cleaner the day after the fishery was complete.”


Kenai residents will also decide on four ballot propositions, the first would repeal the city’s new comprehensive plan. The remaining three have been described as “housekeeping” changes for the city’s charter.  To read the full ballot propositions, visit the City of Kenai’s website.

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