Just Days Left in Paint the Kenai Voting

Friday is the final day to cast a vote for the final round in the Kenai community mural project. Johna Beech with the Kenai Chamber of Commerce…


Beech: “We are in the final voting round for the mural submissions, and also we have the locations available here at the Kenai visitors center to view and to vote on. So people need to get in before August 31st, bring your ID that shows you are a Kenai Peninsula resident, and vote for the final six, and also vote for the final location. If you want to do a little recon before you come down, go to our website, Kenaichamber.org, under forms, and we actually have the locations listed there with the photos and all that jazz too. But you actually have to vote here.”


The submissions which are not chosen will be auctioned off at a closing reception on September 6, in an effort to raise funds for the ongoing project.


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