Dave Carey Entering Race for Mayor of Soldotna

Former City of Soldotna, and Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dave Carey has filed for the special mayoral election in the City of Soldotna. Carey spoke first to the KSRM News Department…


Carey: “I filed because I believe that I have a record of listening to everyone, of representing all different views, and also promoting the great community of Soldotna. There are many things I wish to discuss during the campaign, and as of this morning, there are two candidates (Dr. Nels Anderson and Carey), so I don’t know who all will be running. But the largest issue that I’d like to bring forward is an economic one. The City of Soldotna, in their own economic book, called “Popular Annual Financial Report to the Citizens” shows us that last year the city collected $602,000 in property taxes. They ended their budget year with a $1,088,000 surplus.”


According the this document, property taxes account for 4.3% of the City of Soldotna budget


Carey: “It’s time to get rid of property taxes. By getting rid of property taxes, certainly young families and those on fixed incomes, but also businesses, we’ll become an even stronger location for businesses to come to Soldotna because they don’t have the burden of paying property taxes. If you look in the city’s financial report, they now have a total of a $32 million fund balance. The city doesn’t need a $32 million reserve, what they can do, is absolutely stop charging property taxes so our renters, our seniors, and our businesses will not have to pay that. Many business are barely getting by, taking off the property tax, I believe, will help them to get by.”

The special mayoral election will be held on April 2nd.

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