Dates for Kenai Elections and Appointments Outlined

The Kenai Mayoral candidate forum will be held live on KSRM 920AM this morning from 9am. Incumbent Mayor Pat Porter and challenger Bob Molloy will answer a series of questions submitted by listeners.


We’ve previously spoken with Kenai City Clerk about the procedure for appointing a new council member if Mr. Molloy were elected as Mayor. She outlined other key dates for the elections…


Modigh: “The election is October 1st. Our canvas board meets on October 8th to review absentee and question ballots, and then I report the results of the election to council on October 16th. At the November 6 meeting is when new members will be seated and sworn in and we’ll elect a Vice Mayor.”


Modigh said there is no specific procedure for appointing new council members, but if Mr. Molloy were elected Mayor, she said it’s likely his council seat would be filled in November.

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