DA’s, Prosecutors Waging Food Fight

There’s a food fight on between local lawyers, and the Food Bank is playing referee.


Food Bank Executive Director Linda Swarner…


Swarner: “Don’t forget the attorneys and their Let Justice Be Done food drive. If you like the prosecutors or the defense attorneys, and Eric Durluth is coordinating that project for us.”


Swarner said they’ll be tallying donations, hoping to declare an eventual winner…


Swarner: “Well, people can come in and weigh in, so if you like the prosecutors, go to the district attorney’s office and give them money, and if you like the defense attorneys you go and give them money. Or food.”


There are currently food drives for the Food Bank at IGA, Fred Meyer, Save-U-More and Three Bears, or donations can be made at most of the local banks. Visit the Food Bank online for more.

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