DA Drops Charges in Seward Counterfeiting

Seward Police Chief Tom Clemons said he needs to figure out why the District Attorney dropped counterfeiting charges against a 33-year-old local resident arrested in April.


Harold Buffington was being held in connection with a fake bill used in Seward on April 7 as well as another bill passed on the 8th.


The case was complicated when a third bill was used after Buffington’s April 9 arrest.


Police said there was a possibility Buffington didn’t know the bill was counterfeited, but it’s not yet clear if this was the reasons the DA dropped the charges.


Lt. Louis Tiner with SPD described the fake currency…


Lt. Tiner: “You can tell the consistency of the paper is not the same as U.S. currency. I don’t know if it’s the thickness or the porousness, but there is a different feel. There was also a slight size difference, but the coloration, I have to say the coloration was pretty good. Obviously, the watermark wasn’t there, and the security strip that’s inside the bill, those weren’t there either.”


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