Cruise Tax to Impact Peninsula Prices

Senator Cathy Giessel is not a fan of the EPA’s new regulations, which require ocean vessels to use low-sulfur fuel within 200 miles of U.S. and Canadian shorelines. Sen. Giessel says the regulations will unfairly impact Alaska, since much of the state’s tourism and goods travel exclusively within that zone.


Sen. Giessel (R-South Anchorage): “They’re actually still having to create the fuel that they’re requiring by 2020. So this is an incremental thing that is going to require several million dollars a year per vessel in fuel costs alone. And, as I said earlier, our supplies are shipped up totally in the 200 mile limit that this applies to.” 


We asked Giessel how this might affect local residents…


Sen. Giessel (R-South Anchorage): “Groceries in the store, anything that’s shipped up, your items that you purchase at Walmart. All of this will cost more to ship to Alaska. All of this stuff comes up on vessels.”


The State of Alaska is currently suing the EPA over the regulations.

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