CPHF Recognized for Service

For the last 6 year the Central Peninsula Health Foundation has been offering asthma camps for local affected youth and is being recognized for that work.


Director Kathy Gensel with the Foundation described how it felt to receive the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Alaska Chapter’s Community Service Award.


Gensel: “We’re really excited about this, it’s actually money that comes out of our unrestricted fund so it’s one that the board has said yes, we want to support his because we believe they do good things for kids from the Peninsula as well as all over the state of Alaska.”


She also detailed what the camps provide the youth, some of whom have such severe allergies and asthma that other camps would not be possible.


Gensel: “The award’s actually coming from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Alaska Chapter and the Foundation has been sponsoring the Peninsula Puffers Asthma Camp for six years and what they do is they have a week where they bring in boys and girls ages 8-14 with asthma, they get to go swimming and boating, they get to do archery, they also participate in a float trip up in Cooper Landing and so it’s just a fun week for them, they also participate in asthma education and actually have a volunteer medical team that comes down from Anchorage.” 


Gensel added that professionals from Central Peninsula Hospital also participate to help educate the children on their conditions.


She will receive the award on behalf of the Foundation at the ninth annual Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America conference in Girdwood September 5.

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