CPH Working Through The Pieces

Posted: December 20, 2013 at 12:06 pm

We’ve previously reported that portions of the Certificate of Need for Central Peninsula Hospital’s expansion were denied. We asked Borough Mayor Mike Navarre where the project is up to, as they consider the CON and the sale of revenue bonds to finance the expansion…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “There’s a lot of moving pieces to it, including the discussions about the CON and what changes can and should be made there, whether in fact we have a CON at this point or whether there’s additional information for the Commissioner’s office to consider prior to a final determination on that. So there’s a lot of things that we’re working our way through.”


Mayor Navarre said that if the revised budget for the project is approved by the end of this year, the sale of revenue bonds should proceed as expected.


We also asked the Mayor about reports that members of the Assembly weren’t kept informed of the developments with the CON…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “The process continues to evolve on a daily basis, and so it’s not something that really lends itself to saying, ‘Here’s what’s going on now, and here’s what’s going on now.’ When we meet with the Assembly on January 7th, I’ll provide a full report at that time, and if I have something that is critical between now and then that I think warrants letting the Assembly know, then I’ll be happy to do that, but there’s nothing definitive really to say about where we’re at at this time. And that really requires a lot of work internally by my administration, by the hospital administration, and by the Commissioner of Health and Social Services and his department in order to figure out how we go forward. So that’s what we’re doing now.”

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  • Steve Wright says:

    12/21/13 The Duty of a Corporation & the CEO & Board of Directors is to SHARE the Profits w/ the SHARE HOLDERS is it not ? We the Residents of the Central Kenai Peninsula are the Share Holders. We Paid for Our Hospital with over 30 years of Personal Property Taxes, year after year for decades. This Share Holders says Return those $Millions of Dollars$ in Profits back to the Residents that made the investment & PAID for Our Hospital.


    Lower the $Cost$ of Procedures & Services provided by Our Hospital for Residents that are TaxPayers. SPW in Sloooooowdotna