CPH to Have Obamacare Experts On-Site

As we continue to find out how the President’s Affordable Care Act will affect Alaska, we checked in with Central Peninsula Hospital’s CEO Rick Davis…


Davis: “We have contracted with Enroll Alaska to have an on-site navigator to help people enroll in an insurance product that best meets their state, in terms of income, family size, things like that. I think it’s a week from now that they’ll actually arrive on site, but they’ll be here through March 31st, so about six months we’ll have them here to help people get enrolled.”


We asked Davis if patients seem confident with the switch in healthcare options…


Davis: “People have a lot of questions. It’s all new. A lot of people, if they haven’t been doing a lot of reading and studying, as most people probably haven’t, they probably just don’t know what’s ahead of them. But there’s a lot of information available online. The government’s doing a pretty active job of getting information out there on their website, and the navigators that we’re going to have here are going to be very knowledgeable.”

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