CPH Survey Shows Community Still Focussed on Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Heart Health

Central Peninsula Hospital officials are going over the results of a community health assessment recently conducted by the University of New England.


The most surprising element of the report is that only around 10 percent of surveys sent by mail were returned. 70 percent of the answers had to be collected over the phone.


However, CPH CEO Rick Davis said the actual results were in line with previous studies.


Davis: “The community thought we had a large need for oncology services, which matches the community needs assessment we had done three years ago, it said the same thing. Also, that there was a big need for Alzheimer’s services and cardiology services, I believe were three most important needs identified by the surveys.”


Davis said CPh is currently in the process of adding oncology services, but since those aren’t yet available to the public, it’s understandable oncology ranked highly.


You can download the full report here.

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