CPH Bonds to Be Pulled From Consent Agenda

The big story today…


Man 1: “So here we have a hospital

Woman 1: “A hospital under construction

Man 2: “This hospital deal.”


The Borough Assembly will consider the bonds tonight. Assemblyman Kelly Wolf said if no one else does, he’ll move to pull the item from the consent agenda.


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “I personally would like to slow this down and I think we’ll see what happens tonight, and I’d like to see the public come out, whether they’re for it or opposed to it. I’d like to see the public come out and view their concern or support. One or the other.”


Wolf said only two or three of the 40 people he’s heard from are actually concerned about the growth of the hospital. Most would just like more public involvement.


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “This, at minimum, should have some public hearings. At minimum. And decide, do we want to put this to a vote of the people?”


Tonight’s meeting will he held at the Assembly Chambers in Soldotna at 6pm.

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