Courtney Stroh Representing Kenai Peninsula at AK State Youth of the Year

Kenai Central High School student Courtney Stroh has been chosen to represent the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula at the annual Alaska State Youth of the Year Competition in Anchorage. Executive Director of the Kenai Peninsula Clubs, Natasha Ala, said Stroh was the perfect candidate for the event, which will be held February 20-22.


Ala: “Her ROC the Kenai group was housed at the Teen Center in Kenai, and Courtney was very influential in including a lot of the younger kids in the Boys and Girls Club to participate in the ROC the Kenai efforts of cleaning up the beach, and she did a lot of work educating the younger kids and actually, we were sending buses of kids down to the beach with Courtney this past summer, to help in her efforts, and she really motivated and excited the kids.”


ROC the Kenai began as a school project, and despite not winning the KCHS contest, Stroh has continued to use the idea to maintain Kenai beaches during the dipnet season.

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