Court Decision to Limit Ticketing Reduces Dipnet Fines

An administrative change led to a steep drop in the number of citations handed out during last summer’s dipnet fishery. Kenai Chief of Police Gus Sandahl…


Chief Sandahl: “There was a decision transferred to departments around the state, via memo from the Alaska Court System, that citations could not be left on vehicles. As a result of that, we did not serve any citations on vehicles related to dipnet or anything else. After receiving that memo, we personally served 12 citations that we dipnet related in 2013, as compared to 106 citations that were served in 2012.”


The change was made in the legislature, but wasn’t expected to affect parking citations. Cities like Anchorage and Ketchikan have made adjustments to their city code to allow for citations to be left. Sandahl said they may consider something similar, and hope that the legislature will make ad adjustment to the law when they reconvene in January.

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