Counterfeit Bills Popping Up in Seward

Three counterfeit bills, two $20 and one $10, have been detected in Seward this week. Seward Police Lieutenant¬†Louis Tiner described the bills…


Lt. Tiner: “You can tell the consistency of the paper is not the same as U.S. currency. I don’t know if it’s the thickness or the porousness, but there is a different feel. There was also a slight size difference, but the coloration, I have to say the coloration was pretty good. Obviously, the watermark wasn’t there, and the security strip that’s inside the bill, those weren’t there either.”


Lt. Tiner explained that on April 7th, the first bill was passed by 33-year-old Harold Buffington of Seward, followed by a second bill on the 8th, also used by Mr. Buffington. Buffington was arrested for the bills, but after his arrest, on April 9th, a third bill was used by an unidentified elderly woman. The woman left the store by the time the clerk realized the bill was a fake.


For this reason, Lt. Tiner said the DA is carefully considering the charges against Mr. Buffington, since he (like the elderly woman) may or may not have been aware that the bill was counterfeited.


However, Lt. Tiner added there was additional evidence leading to the arrest of Buffington, though that evidence is confidential while the investigation is in progress.


Anyone who thinks they may have seen a fake bill is encouraged to contact local law enforcement.

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