Countdown to Mt. Marathon, Changes to Rules

After a rookie Mt. Marathon racer disappeared last year, organizers have tightened the qualification rules for this year’s July 4th event.


Organizer Erin Lemas said they have approximately 900 runners registered to date…


Lemas: “We’ve implemented a half-way rule, which is, at the point where the juniors turn around to come back down the mountain, that’s considered the half-way, and if senior runners can’t make it to that point within an hour their bibs are taken away and they have to turn back. And that kinda’, if you can’t make it to the half-way point within an hour you really shouldn’t be racing Mt. Marathon.”


Seward Police are also reporting that an injured hiker was airlifted from the mountain last night. The hiker was described as having an open head wound and was dehydrated and disoriented.

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