Council Supports KPC Path

While there’s no bridge between Soldotna and KPC in the works, as confirmed by City Manager Mark Dixson, there is growing support for a safer path to the college.


Pete Sprague sits on the College Council and City Council, and last night brought a resolution to the City…


Cm. Sprague: “Kenai Peninsula College is growing of course, and on East Poppy we have the college, we have Alaska Christian College, and K-Beach Elementary, and there is no walking path on the side of the road. There’s a ditch on the side of the road, or pedestrians can walk in the road itself, and with the addition of student housing and the growth of all three of those facilities, we have supported a resolution that passed for funding for this walking path, and Council supported it this year, which we have done in the past.”


The councils are seeking state funding.


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