Cooper Landing Road Construction Making Good Progress

As people head out for the weekend they may appreciate the new pavement throughout Cooper Landing along with no traffic delays.


Assistant Project Engineer Donny Greva with the State told us crews got of the road at around 9 am this morning.


Greva: “And we’ll be back on the road 10pm Sunday night so there won’t be any traffic delays through this weekend.” 


He gave us an update on the remainder of the job that will interfere with traffic.


Greva: “Well we have paved the entire job and what’s left is the stripes and to work on the guardrails and signage, and we should be done with it.” 


Greva said that they do have a few side jobs to complete but will likely not interfere to much with traffic.


Greva: “There’s an extra little project that we’re going to be working on, we’re going to replace the pedestrian bridge on the Kenai Lake Bridge, its a wood plank bridge we’re going to replace it with something new.” 


They are only replacing the pedestrian bridge, not the entire Kenai River Bridge and he said it will be made of fibergrate, which is a fiberglass reinforced plastic.

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