Cooper Landing Bypass Planned for 2018

Springtime means construction in Alaska, and the Department of Transportation is continuing their work on the proposed Cooper Landing Bypass. We spoke to the DOT’s Jill Reese…


Reese: “It is going ahead. Right now we have the draft supplemental environment document. It’s moving along. It’s in what we call the ‘review shoot’ right now, so that’s an  internal review. Next week, we’ll be meeting with the federal highways to complete their review. And then after that, we anticipate that the document will be going out to the cooperating agencies by the end of May and then we’ll have public distribution by fall for everyone to start taking a look at that and then giving their comments, public comments.”


Reese said the bypass will realign 11 miles of the highway…


Reese: “And this would be to the new Juneau Creek alignment. They don’t have the final plan worked out yet. That’s why we’re going into the review now. They have come up with what they think will be the plan but it’s too early yet to say that we definitely have all the details in order. We’re still looking for construction somewhere around 2018.”

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