Cook Inletkeeper Submits Petition Against Chuitna, 6,600 Signatures

Posted: March 15, 2013 at 6:14 pm

Environmental watch group Cook Inletkeeper has submitted a request to ADF&G Commissioner Cora Campbell to ban coal strip mining through wild Alaskan salmon streams, and provide public notice to Alaskans for Title 16 permits. We spoke to Inletkeeper Board Member Rob Ernst…


Ernst: “There’s a proposed coal mine that’s going across the water there on the Chuit River and their plan is to excavate 10 miles of it to a depth of 300 feet and extract coal, and it will destroy the river. And this is a good example of trading one resource for the other.”


Ernst said the group has a petition with 6,600 signatures, including 6,000 Alaskans, which they submitted to Commissioner Campbell. On a related note, Paul Ostrander, Facilitator of the KPB Anadromous Streams Ordinance Task Force said he’d also received a petition from Inletkeeper supporting the Anadromous Streams Ordinance.

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One Comment to “Cook Inletkeeper Submits Petition Against Chuitna, 6,600 Signatures”

  • Scott says:

    GOOD JOB INLETKEEPER!! Keep the petitions coming. The Parnell administration is out to develop & destroy any & all of Alaska’s beautiful natural resources.