Cook Inlet Energy Pursues Direct Marketing

Cook Inlet Energy describes its operations as “aggressive.” The relatively new company has been in Alaska since 2009 and recently added the North Fork unit to their portfolio.


CEO David Hall said they’re continuing to expand…


Hall: “We employ about 150 people in the Cook Inlet alone directly or indirectly. As we continue to grow and roll out our development plan in the Cook Inlet, we see that number will grow dramatically.”


Hall said they’re pleased by what’s been discovered so far…


Hall: “If you’re curious about our production, we’re currently producing about 4,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day. That’s a fairly significant number for us and we’re seeing that as just a stepping stone as we continue to execute our drilling plan.”


CIE is also behind the new Trans-Foreland Pipeline Project, an 8″ oil pipeline going in along the Kenai Spur Highway in North Kenai. The line would reduce the need for barge traffic from Drift River to Tesoro. CIE applied to lease close to 5 acres from the Borough for the entry point in North Kenai. For more, read: Cook Inlet Energy Acquiring Land Along Nikiski Bluff.


In another new project, CIE is is hoping to market LNG directly to commercial users for heating. They started the process, with O’Malley Sports Complex in Anchorage as their first client, but is facing some resistance from Enstar Natural Gas Co.


Enstar asked the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to require customers to provide a one-year notice before switching to another supplier. They said frequent changes make it difficult to ensure a steady cost and supply.

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