Cook Inlet Commercial Fisheries See Good Value for ’12

The Cook Inlet for 2012 was the 5th most valuable commercial salmon fishing region though out the state bringing in roughly $36 million.


Southeast catches totaled $153 million to take the top spot, followed by Bristol Bay at $121 million, Prince William Sound at $111 million and Kodiak was number 4 with a salmon season worth about $46 million.


In all, 124 million Alaska salmon were caught in 2012, the smallest volume since 1997 but third largest by value since 1992.


It also marked the 25th year in a row that Alaska’s salmon catch topped 100 million fish. Despite big increases of farmed salmon in world markets, Alaska salmon continued its rise in value.


The rise is reflected in fishing assets, a McDowell Report shows, Alaska salmon permits have more than tripled in value since 2002, and increased by $177 million from 2010 to 2012.


Wholesale average for sockeye salmon at $2.71 a pound, up 59%, pinks at $1.23 a pound showed a 66% increase and chums averaged $1.84, a 71% increase at wholesale.


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