Consumer Energy Alliance Says Energy Independence Possible

The Executive Director of the Consumer Energy Alliance in Alaska, Steve Pratt, spoke to the joint Kenai/Soldotna Chamber of Commerce today, saying energy independence for Alaska is possible if the the government moves to encourage oil and gas development…


Pratt: “We think that we can increase throughput in the Trans-Alaska pipeline system and we think that if we can get past some of the federal overreach that’s going on in Alaska, and access those resources, we think that it does look promising in terms of a future for consumers of energy in Alaska as well as the country.”


Pratt pointed to concerns over TAPS throughput decline, saying it creates a fiscal gap for Alaska’s state budget. We asked him if CEA supports any specific legislation…


Pratt: “SB 21. We’ve been quite active on testifying before the Legislature on SB21. We think that particular piece of legislation, the House now is going over that, and we hope that they’ll take a good, solid look at it, and at the end of the day, I think hopefully the Legislature will make decisions that will improve the investment climate that would allow and enable more investment in the state to bring more resources to market.”

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