Construction Season Heating Up for City of Soldotna

Last week, the Soldotna City Council approved a contract to begin construction of a new roof for the city’s police department headquarters. Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis explains…


Kornelis: “We received a state grant to replace the police department roof, it has an inverted roof membrane roof assembly that’s been failing in quite a few spots, we’ve been chasing leaks for quite a few years. We’ll utilize the state grant to do a complete replacement of that roof. Should take just a few months this summer, and we’ll be complete by weather this fall.”


We asked Kornelis if the plans call for a new type of roof for the police department building that will be less prone to leaks…


Kornelis: “The roof we’ll be putting on will be an EPDM membrane, which will be a much more maintenance friendly roof, and should have a long lasting life.”



The council approved this contract unanimously.

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