Construction on Soldotna High School Track to Start Soon

The installation of Soldotna High School’s artificial field and new running track is scheduled to begin soon and is slated to be ready for use in August.


SoHi’s principal Todd Syverson said he is excited to be able to host track and field events.


Syverson: “From a historical standpoint we’ve not hosted a track here at Soldotna High School for about 15 years. We have a very old, outdated, kind of falling apart six lane track, they track they will be putting in will be an eight lane track which will allow us to host region events, put in bids for State events. I know one of the large Skyview meets, we’re going to move that over to Soldotna High School now that we’ve got a good track here. The timing of all this is great.” 


Syverson said the ability to host events along with integrating Skyview’s student population will be a very positive change.


Syverson: “So it’ll fill out our athletic program very nicely, both schools have been pretty competitive within the region and within the state but we’ve always been short some numbers with sports like wrestling even in sports like track, to have more depth and have more students out will make us that much stronger as a team. We’re looking forward to having those students come together and see how good we can become together.” 

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