Construction is Hot and Heavy in Soldotna Creek Park

The second phase of improvements to Soldotna Creek Park is continuing to move forward. We got an update on the project from Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis…


Kornelis: “We’re  hot and heavy in construction at Soldotna Creek Park, I think we’re going to be pouring concrete, still working on some foundations for the large pavilion structure, we have the veterans memorial underway, so masons have been busy out there, we’re also prepping for the new restrooms. So we just ask folks to bear with us as they encounter the construction.”


With a number of individuals looking for any access to the Kenai River, we asked Kornelis is this work at the park is hampering the efforts of anglers heading to the river


Kornielis: “At this time, its not blocking access to the river. It’s encumbering a portion of the grass, and also a portion of the plaza area, but the playground remains open and there’s still access to the river. A little bit later as we get into August, we may start having so access issues towards to the river.”

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