Conservative Group applauding Gov. Parnell’s Stance on Obamacare

The Conservative group Americans for Limited Government is applauding Governor Parnell’s stance on Healthcare reform.

ALG President Bill Wilson today thanked Governor Sean Parnell for not implementing a state-run health insurance exchange under Obamacare.

In his letter, Wilson wrote that the Alaska governor “has wisely refused to enact a state Health Insurance Exchange, and in doing so has chosen to protect your job creators from being ravaged by penalties and other costs under the law.”

Adding that Parnell’s “refusal to create the exchange spares statewide employers these costs, and allows them to enjoy a competitive advantage over those which have state exchanges.”

Wilson concluded saying that without the state-run exchange, Governor Parnell has given employers a fighting chance of against Obamacare, and with Parnell’s help, this law will not stand.”


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