Congressional Delegation Laments ConocoPhillips’ Decision

Alaska’s Congressional Delegation commented today on ConocoPhillips’ decision to delay exploration in the Chukchi Sea, with the three expressing disappointment.


Rep. Young put the blame on the federal permitting process, saying: “Uncertainty in any business can be detrimental, and in ConocoPhillips case, federal regulators going forward must provide some level of assurance for offshore exploration to occur in the Arctic so that we can continue to move the country closer toward true energy independence while also creating long lasting jobs for generations to come.”


Rep. Young named President Obama’s administration as “continuing to hamper the oil and gas industry.”


Sen. Murkowski was a little more measured, saying she expected the decision, though it was disappointing.  She said: “Companies can’t be expected to invest billions of dollars without some assurance that federal regulators are not going to change the rules on them almost continuously. The administration has created an unacceptable level of uncertainty.”


Sen. Begich also commented that he’s spent four years working with the administration and industry to promote responsible development, and that he “will continue to encourage the Department of Interior and industry to work together, iron out their differences and get moving on exploring and developing these resources that are key to our economic and national security. While today’s decision is disappointing, I remain encouraged and optimistic about the progress the administration has made.”

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