Conflicting Reports Continue Following Ouster of State GOP Chair

As we reported, the Alaska Republican party ousted state chair Debbie Brown of Kasilof Monday night. Ralph Seekins, National Committeemen for the State GOP told us that the primary charges against Brown, was her not raising funds for the party..


Seekins: “Mrs. Brown has done nothing to aggressively raise any funds for the party, even though the party now is broke, I mean the general funds, operating funds for the party is down to $0. It always kind of runs close, but the chairman has always been the one to go out and raise the funds for the general operation, and for campaigns, and for other things that go along with it. The primary fundraiser has always been the chairman.”


Seekins told us that these concerns were addressed to Mrs. Brown during her short tenure as chair…


Seekins: “Well, from the testimony that was given, was that she pushed back and said no, that’s not something I do, I’ll get someone else to do that. We don’t know who that someone else is, but it didn’t take place.”


Her husband Jack Brown, however, says that party rules prevented her from raising funds…


Brown: “They have blocked her from raising funds; she can’t legally raise funds because she’s not a treasurer or deputy treasurer.


With Mrs. Brown out of town during last night’s meeting, Jack believes that this makes the meeting itself illegal.


Brown: “You know, my opinion, the meeting last night was totally illegal, because they didn’t follow the rules, they didn’t go to rules committee first. Debbie told them a long time ago, she was out of state and they knew that. So these guys have absolutely been operating in a false light.”


Peter Goldberg of Eagle River is now the acting chairman of the State GOP. Brown and Former party chariman Russ Millette may appeal their ouster at another meeting scheduled his May.


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