Confident We Can Meet The Threat of Today: NORAD on N Korea

With 14 new ground-based missile interceptors to be added to Alaska’s Fort Greely by 2017, the North American Aerospace Defense Command says “the homeland is safe” from the threats of North Korea. Captain Jeff Davis…


Cpt. Davis: “What we have today, in place, is more than capable of defending against the threat today, and it’s going to be fine in the immediate future, as we have the interceptors at Ft. Greely [Alaska] and at Vandenberg Air Force Base [California]. The homeland is safe. If North Korea were to conduct a no-notice launch, we are confident we could defend the homeland.”


Captain Davis said the biggest concern is that North Korea is developing ballistic missiles which could be moved on trucks and hidden around the country; however…


Cpt. Davis: “Couple that with their public statements, and their constant saber-rattling and the rhetoric that you see out of the regime, where you see videos that they put on youtube of missiles striking and blowing up the Capital or the White House of very direct threats to our bases in Japan and Hawaii of threats to attack us with missiles. Those are all things that really have given rise to our recognition that we need to act.”


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